Why Training Matters…

“Professionals Train.
Amateurs think they don’t need it.”
Mark Ferrell

It is amazing, and sad to me that in my industry there are so few DJ’s that think they need training.   Many DJ’s decided DJ’ing would be a fun thing to do, they bought the equipment and music, and off they went.  They pick up little tips and tricks here and there, and then rely on the fact that they’ve been in business for “X” number of years to carry them through.

Now I’m not suggesting that hiring a DJ that doesn’t train regularly is going to spell doom to your once in a lifetime wedding reception.  Many DJ’s do a passable job without any formal training.  They just aren’t as great as they could be. And what good is 10, 15, or 20 years of experience if you haven’t sought out training or worked to better yourself?

Do you have 20 years of experience or 1 year of experience repeated 19 times?


That’s the real question….

Why train?  Why go to the trouble and expense? Why do something that so few in my industry are doing? Why bother?

The answer is simple:  You and Your wedding.

I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  There is no other reason for me to go through training that makes me a better Master of Ceremony other than I want to be as great as I can be at your wedding.  I mean I can take the training and introduce my wife every time she walks into the room, but all that does is annoy her.

I have put forth the time, effort and money to train because I want to make your day more than you ever thought it could be:

  • I want to welcome your guests in a way that let’s them know that they are about to experience a great party.
  • I want to introduce those giving you a toast in such a way that builds honor and respect for them before they’ve ever said a word.
  • I want to capture, through words delivered just right, the awesome and romantic event that is your first dance together as husband and wife.
  • I want the Father of the Bride and Mother of the Groom to be introduced to the dance floor in a way that is so special and honors them for all that they’ve given you over the years.

My Epiphany….

In February of 2011 I was at the Mobile Beat show in Las Vegas.  It is a 4 day convention that is attended by over 1000 DJ’s from all over the world.  It consists of seminars, trainings and a huge exhibit hall with every speaker,  light and gizmo known to man.  It’s really something to see.  I was walking around trying to figure out which new gadget I would buy when it hit me like a ton of bricks.
“David, you don’ t need some light that spins around.  What you need is to get training to make YOU better for your customers.”
I honestly heard that phrase in my head.  I nodded, turned and walked out of the exhibit hall.

Over the last year I have completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold MarBecca Method Master of Ceremonies Workshops.

Bronze Master of Ceremonies Workshop-March 2011-Phoenix, AZ

Bronze Master of Ceremonies Workshop-March 2011-Phoenix, AZ

I know what you’re thinking,  “What the heck is a MarBecca?!?!”

The MarBecca Method was created by Mark and Rebecca Ferrell.  They travel literally around the world training DJ’s how to be better Masters of Ceremony.  The MarBecca Method on the surface is simple:  It’s all about LOVE!  It’s about forming a REALationship with the couples who chose me to represent them on their wedding day.

After having my epiphany about my need for training I met Mark and Rebecca later that night at a reception that was being held in their honor.  I talked with a DJ from Canada, Dave Ternier, who had just gone through a workshop and between his passion for what he had learned and talking to Mark I knew I needed to attend one of his workshops.

As luck would have it they were coming to Phoenix the very next month so in March of 2011 and I participated in the Bronze and Silver two day workshops.

It was an absolutely amazing experience!  It is a workshop, not a seminar.  At a seminar you sit and someone speaks to you about what you should be doing.  At a workshop you get some information, but then you are doing the work.

Mark gave us the basics on how to make an announcement, how to introduce a special dance, how to welcome everyone to the wedding reception, how to introduce a person giving a toast, and then it was up to us to write up an introduction and then come to the front of the class and deliver it.  I walked to the front of the class, picked up a microphone, and delivered the introduction while my classmates and a video camera looked at me.  After I was done Mark would either give me a critique and ask me to do it again, or tell me I could go back to my seat.  Once everyone in the class had gone we would then watch ourselves on the video screen and receive instruction on what we did well, and what needed improvement.

Silver Master of Ceremonies Workshop-March 2011-Phoenix, AZ

Silver Master of Ceremonies Workshop-March 2011-Phoenix, AZ

One of the things you come away from a workshop with is a sense of how much you DON’T, or didn’t, know.  Mark and Rebecca picked up almost instantly on flaws in my delivery, flaws in my presentation, and even tied those to flaws in my personality that I needed to work on so that I could be as good as I could be.  It was scary, enlightening, hilarious, shocking, and educational.

Stacie Tamaki who writes a wedding blog called “The Flirty Blog” participated in a workshop and she has a great post about it here.

In early February 2012 I participated in the Gold MC Workshop in Las Vegas. It was an amazing group of DJ’s who came from 6 different states, as well as 2 DJ’s from England.  That’s right.  Two DJ’s went to the expense and effort to travel across an ocean to be a part of this workshop.

Every single workshop has been an eye opening and performance improving experience.

Gold Master of Ceremonies Workshop-February 2012-Las Vegas, NV

Gold Master of Ceremonies Workshop-February 2012-Las Vegas, NV

As of this writing I am one of only 32 DJ’s in the world that has gone through the Gold MC Workshop and I am the only DJ in Arizona to do so.
I don’t say that to toot my own horn.  I am extremely proud of the work I’ve put in, but I am in no way done.  Being a performing artist means that no performance is ever “good enough” and working on my craft will be an ongoing pursuit.

David and Mark pose after completing the Gold Master of Ceremonies Workshop in Las Vegas!

David and Mark pose after completing the Gold Master of Ceremonies Workshop in Las Vegas!

See as I was walking around that big ol’ exhibit hall the thing that dawned on me is that the only thing in that hall that no other DJ in the world could bring to your wedding reception….is me.


Give me a call or text at (602) 748-8469 or drop me an email at david@DavidHoytEntertainment.com and let’s set up a time to visit and talk about your big day!

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